Xi Jinping Denies Coronavirus Hiding Information

Xi Jinping Denies Coronavirus Hiding Information

World leaders spoke at an ongoing online session of the World Health Assembly. While Xi Jinping defends China, he denies allegations of hiding information about the coronavirus.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has denied allegations of opacity and hiding information in the first phase of the coronavirus pandemic. China has shown openness and transparency, the international community has been informed as early as possible, he said on Monday, May 18, at the 73rd World Health Assembly. The session of the assembly, the highest organ of the World Health Organization (WHO), is attended by 194 countries, it is held via video link.

Thus, Xi Jinping reacted to criticism of the United States. In May, a bill was introduced in the US Senate that allowed President Donald Trump to impose sanctions against Beijing for refusing to cooperate in identifying the causes of the coronavirus pandemic. According to the chairman of the PRC, his country in time shared with other countries information about the causative agent of the virus.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who also spoke at the WHO Assembly, called on the international community to work together to combat the pandemic. “We are experiencing a global crisis. No country can cope with it alone, we must act together,” Merkel emphasized.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres criticized the practice of individual decisions of several countries in the fight against coronavirus. “Different countries followed different, often mutually exclusive strategies, and today we pay a high price for this,” he said.

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