World Economy in Shock Due to Coronavirus

World Economy in Shock Due to Coronavirus

The global economy has fallen and is in shock due to restrictions imposed by the coronavirus.

A well-known chain of stores, such as JC Penney, filed for bankruptcy in the United States.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives decided on another $ 3 trillion aid package. Democrats submitted a plan, but it cannot be approved by the Senate, which has a Republican majority.

According to the decision, if approved by the Senate, $ 1 trillion will be allocated to states and local authorities, $ 200 billion for significant jobs, $ 75 billion for coronavirus tests, and unemployment benefits up to $ 1 million. 486 thousand deaths, more than 88 500.

The number of deaths in Russia on Saturday rose to 2537 people. In one day, 9,200 people infected with coronavirus were registered here. A number of senior officials, including the Prime Minister, the Minister of Science and Higher Education and the Minister of Culture, were infected with the coronavirus. The Prime Minister and the Kremlin representative remain in the hospital. The Minister of Construction is undergoing treatment at home.

To date, more than 34,400 people have died in the UK. The total number of infected is more than 240,000 people. The country’s economy shrank 2 percent in the quarter from a year earlier. According to the Minister of Economy, the country is facing “the danger of a serious economic downturn.”

In Spain, where there is a process of easing restrictions, small businesses continue to open. It is the fourth country with the highest mortality rate in France. At present, more than 27,500 people have died in both countries. They are preceded by Italy with 31,600 deaths.

The Iranian tourism industry is suffering great losses, and millions of people from all over the world attend this season to attend the Rose Water Festival in Kashan. 1757 cases of coronavirus were discovered here on the last day. To date, more than 6,930 people have died in Iran.

To save the economy, African countries are called upon to strengthen trade and economic ties with China.

UN Under-Secretary-General Vera Songwe emphasized the need to deepen Sino-African ties and considers this an important issue for Africa.

To date, more than 4 million 660 thousand people are infected in the world. More than 309 thousand of them died and at least 1 million 778 thousand people recovered.

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