Why am I unhappy?

Why am I unhappy?

7 reasons why we don’t feel happy
and what to do with them.

Does it ever happen that your internal dialogue begins approximately with the following words: “I have a great life, I have to be happy, but why has this not happened yet?”

Career success, love, a strong family, wealth do not help you feel happy? Let’s find out why this happens.

Happiness is a rather abstract concept; you cannot measure it in either kilograms or centimeters. In order to determine what exactly prevents you from feeling happy, we suggest starting with the question: am I really unhappy or just unsatisfied with something?

Happiness and satisfaction are often confused, but there is a clear difference between them. To begin with, happiness is emotion, while satisfaction is a positive assessment of various aspects of life. We are programmed to have certain things in life: money, an apartment, a car, achievements in work. And if something is not on the list, it immediately seems to us that we do not meet certain criteria of success. We achieve some cool things, but often do not have time to be in the moment and immediately ask ourselves the question (or someone asks us): what is next? Instead of being happy at this moment, we are upset – we do not even have time to thank ourselves for one achievement, when we immediately take up a new challenge.

You can have everything to feel happy, but dissatisfaction at some points, as if it does not allow you to plunge into this happiness. Let’s look at the reasons why you feel miserable, despite the external viability.


It is impossible to evaluate and measure. What makes one happy may not be appropriate for the other. Therefore, if you feel unhappy, think about what exactly are you evaluating now? Write your definition of happiness – this is one of the key exercises in positive psychology.


Do you like to draw, dance, write or read? The list may go on.

If you don’t allow yourself things that bring you joy and help let go of different life situations, just because they seem silly or frivolous to you, then here is an example of where you limit your happiness. Any hobbies that you choose are an important part of your happy life.


Very often people think that they do not deserve happiness. They feel guilty when everything is fine in their life, because someone else is passing their test at this moment.

Remember: you should never feel awkward because of your happiness. Enjoy it. The more people who use it, the happier our planet will become.


No matter how happy you are, these three factors are present to varying degrees in our lives. The secret is only in managing them. A lot of information has already been written on this topic, the main thing is to understand what worries you and does not allow you to feel the lightness, which is so important for happiness.


This is another factor that, to varying degrees, can affect the level of our happiness. Many studies have long confirmed the direct relationship between physical activity, good sleep, healthy eating – and happiness. If you still do not practice this way of life, then perhaps the time has come to make positive changes in your physical condition.


Many people suffer from depression. This is not a passing sadness or discontent, but a constant feeling of unhappiness and hopelessness. Depression usually does not go away on its own and should not remain unworked. If you suspect that it is her, seek professional help.


Each of us has our own criteria for a happy life. If you still have not understood what makes you happy, then perhaps the reason is that you do not listen to yourself. Most likely, the criteria for a happy life that you adhere to are the imposed opinion of society, your environment. You expect their approval and choose not their goals. Do you remember that we are all different? Make a list of what brings happiness and pleasure to you. Write down your goals and priorities.

Take note of happy moments. When in a moment you will feel that now you are happy, like never before, take some time for yourself. Think about how you feel now and what it means to you. Write down your personal definition of happiness. It is up to you to choose what it is for you – a fleeting sensation or a permanent state.

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