WHO Warns of Repeated Waves of COVID-19

WHO warns of repeated waves of Covid-19

The World Health Organization has called on governments to be “extremely vigilant” in quarantine weakening processes to avoid repeated waves of the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier from Germany, it was reported that along with the start of quarantine cancellation, there was an increase in new infections.

South Korea reported an outbreak of Covid 19 associated with nightclubs. Despite the fact that she was a good example in containing the epidemic.

The new Kovid-19 foci that appeared after the removal of quarantine were also reported from China.

“If you do not investigate the foci of the disease, which remain at a low level, there will always be a threat that the virus will begin to spread again,” said Michael Ryan, head of the WHO emergency program.

The official hoped that Germany and South Korea would be able to isolate the new foci of coronavirus, and called it the main reason for avoiding large repetitive waves of the pandemic.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at the same press conference in Geneva that quitting quarantine is a complex process and the key to saving lives is gradual.

Representatives of WHO also pointed to research data that revealed lower than expected levels of antibodies in sections of the population, which means the possibility of further infections.

“Now the situation is still widespread in which few people have antibodies,” said Maria Kerkhove, an epidemiologist at WHO.

In this regard, her colleague Mike Ryan called unsafe hope that the so-called “herd immunity” will become on the path of distribution of Covid-19.

“This is a very unsafe, unsafe hope,” he said.

WHO said it was provided with data on more than 4 million infected coronavirus in the world.

In terms of the number of confirmed cases, as of late in the evening of May 11, the United States came first – 1271645 infected and 76 916 dead, followed by Spain – 224 390 infected and 26 621 dead and Russia – 221 344 and 2 009 dead.

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