What to do if water gets into the speaker of the smartphone

What to do if water gets into the speaker of the smartphone

The main thing is to remain calm and follow our advice.

“Bathing” a smartphone is one of the common causes of a device failure. And this does not have to be a complete immersion of the gadget in water, sometimes a few drops that fall into the speaker, a headphone jack or charging, are enough for the smartphone to go to its electronic paradise. Even if you do not listen to music in the shower, there is still a risk of water entering the speaker, for example, during rain. What to do in this case?

Water is different

How bad things will be with a smartphone after water gets in depends on what kind of water it was. If it’s clean and fresh, then you can say it’s lucky that the equipment after that is enough to dry, and it will work as if nothing had happened.

But in life, perfectly pure water without impurities, alas, is rare.

If water from the sea, ocean or just salt has got into the smartphone’s speaker, then after drying this salt will remain on the contacts and may short-circuit them. And sweet water or a drink very quickly oxidizes microcircuits, permanently incapacitating them. Fearfully? All these consequences can be avoided if you quickly begin to provide “first aid” smartphone.

What to do and how to remove water

The first thing you need to do when water gets into any of the holes on your smartphone is to turn it off. In no case do not put the wet smartphone on charge, because the risk of shorting the contacts is very high, and if it suddenly shuts off itself after getting water, do not try to turn it on until you figure it out with water.

If the water was fresh and it got only a couple of drops, then take a dry cloth and thoroughly blot the speaker with it. Please note that this method only works when the drops still adhere to the speaker grid. You can also try to shake out the moisture physically or turn on the music with low frequencies at full volume, this will push out the water.

The creators of iPhones even created a special Sonic application to deal with water that got into the gadget. It forces the model to generate high-frequency sounds that perfectly eject water from the speakers. If the sound for a while after that will wheeze a little, it’s okay, the dynamics just need to “cough”.

Another way to get rid of the water in the speakers for iPhone owners is with the special Water Eject team for Siri’s assistant. You just need to download the command and run it. Sounds at a frequency of 165 Hz effectively eject water, but in no way affect the operation of the smartphone. By the way, when using such a command, the headphones should be turned off.

If everything is bad

If water fell not only into the speaker, but the entire smartphone was notably bathed, then you need to not only turn it off, but also take a series of actions:

  1. Remove the battery. Otherwise, a short circuit may occur, as a result of which the smartphone burns. If the battery is not removable, as is often the case with modern models, then immediately bring the phone to the service.
  2. Disassemble, rinse, dry. Yes, rinse if salty or sweet water gets in. For washing, use distilled water, which can be taken at any pharmacy. Do not wipe the contacts and circuit boards with alcohol and, especially, strong alcoholic drinks, otherwise this “booze” will be the first and last for your smartphone. After washing, all parts need to be blotted dry with a special lint-free cloth. Do not blow dry your smartphone; hot air may damage the contacts.
  3. Reassemble. But only after all parts of the smartphone are completely dry. If he did not work after all of the above procedures, then it’s time to contact a service center.

But what about rice and other folk methods? – you ask. A method with rice that absorbs moisture can actually work, but with reservations. Firstly, it should be pure water. Secondly, the rice itself must be thoroughly washed and dried, otherwise the smallest rice dust can get into the equipment and, of course, it will not lead to anything good.

How to avoid getting water into the smartphone?

Do not take a shower with him and do not take a bath, do not get out in the rain, do not take to the beach with you. If it’s very difficult for you to follow all these tips, then the solution may be a waterproof model or at least a transparent sealed case.

And remember, the faster the technique will be helped when water gets in, the higher the chances of saving it.

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