What really caused the death of rapper Juice WRLD?

What really caused the death of rapper Juice WRLD?

The famous American rapper Juice WRLD died on December 8 at a US airport.

The cause of death was then called a sudden heart attack, but after his death during a search of the plane, law enforcement officers discovered more than 30 kilograms of marijuana and medications containing codeine. January 22, the media announced the official cause of death.

Journalists Fox News received the results of forensic examination. According to official figures, 21-year-old Juice WRLD died from a drug overdose, and not from a heart attack as previously stated.

Death was found to be due to the toxicity of oxycodone and codeine. Doctors identified the incident as an accident.

On the American portal TMZ reported that drugs were found in a private plane of a 21-year-old artist, with whom he flew to Chicago airport. In particular, they found cough syrup with codeine on board.

According to people on the plane with the rapper, he drank some pills shortly before his death. The publication adds that the late Juice WRLD often took painkillers containing Percocet opioids. The rapper himself did not hide the fact that since school years he had suffered from drug addiction. Due to the deterioration of his health, he underwent a course of treatment, stopped using hard drugs and switched to medical marijuana.

What happened to Juice WRLD?

On December 8, American Juice WRLD passed out when he was expecting a transplant at a Chicago airport when he arrived from Los Angeles. He walked around the Midway Airport, but suddenly lost consciousness and bleeding from his mouth. Doctors quickly arrived at the scene of the tragedy, but failed to save the star. Death occurred in one of the hospitals after hospitalization.

During his short but successful career, Juice WRLD has released two mixtapes and two studio albums, often taking the first lines of the American charts. At the Billboard Music Awards 2019, which thundered in the US on May 2, he received the title of “Best New Artist”.

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