What (Psychological) Complexes Only Occur For Men, Scientists Find Out

What (Psychological) Complexes Only Occur For Men, Scientists Find Out

Not only children and women suffer from the presence of various psychological complexes. But the strong half of humanity is also subject to their harmful and sometimes destructive influence.

What complexes are inherent only to men, and is it possible to get rid of them?

Complex of Alexander the Great

Many men are afraid to impress others as a representative of non-traditional sexual orientation. Moreover, specialists know that at least 21 percent of men have the corresponding inclinations, and 30 percent even experience gained in their youth (like Alexander the Great, in whose honor the complex is named). Despite the fact that such fear can be considered extremely petty and stupid, it is present in the subconscious of a sufficiently large number of representatives of the stronger sex.

The best treatment is a harmonious family relationship.

Hercules complex

According to myth, once Hercules was enslaved to the Lydian queen Omphale and was forced to serve her, performing a purely female work. Today, the fear of becoming a “housewife” – the main cause of conflicts in modern families – is haunted by a huge number of men.

You can cope with the complex only by reviewing your system of values ​​or by directing all your efforts to asserting yourself (it is enough to earn money, be able to make decisions and bear responsibility for them).

Napoleon complex

Perhaps the most famous male complex, which is associated with low growth. Very often, such a physical feature is compensated by incredible ambitions. However, it is this trait that contributes to success in life. The canonical example is Napoleon himself (157 cm). Among our contemporaries are singer Prince (158 cm), Dustin Hoffman (163 cm), Diego Maradona (167 cm). All these men have proved their worth, and even advantages over tall men.

Work on your self-esteem will help to cure this complex.

Don Juan Syndrome

This complex has become quite common in our time thanks to modern emancipation. The representative of a strong half of humanity is afraid of being unnecessary to a woman and abandoned by her and therefore is the first to abandon all her partners. And then he quickly starts a new relationship, proving to himself that someone needs him.

A man will be able to get rid of this complex when he decides to work on his fears and begins to build strong relationships.

David complex

Male representatives are afraid of old age. Almost all his life, a man is overcome by the fear that after a certain number of years he will turn into an old, grumbling, no-interest old man with a sagging belly. Struggling with their fear, such men build relationships with young women who are suitable for them as a daughter, or even granddaughters. By the way, the syndrome got its name from the biblical king David, who, to keep warm, put young beauties in his bed. However, a relationship with a young woman can be a real test for a mature man.

Psychologists say: a union in which partners have too much age difference is not often harmonious. In addition, mature husbands with adolescent consciousness usually seek unequal marriages. However, there are no rules without exceptions.

Boss Syndrome

This complex, parents have been nurturing in the boy almost from birth, too aggressively stimulating the development of masculine traits and forming a neglect of women. In adulthood, such men are constantly forced to prove and defend their male superiority. As a result, according to statistics, 64% of them suffer if their wife earns more, and 58% feel a fierce envy of the professional successes of their life friends.

It is difficult to get rid of this syndrome, it will take a long time to work on yourself.

Lost Time Syndrome

You can achieve success and recognition after 50 years. A vivid example is the artist Pablo Picasso. However, a person needs everything at once. Therefore, 80% of men experience very difficult experiences when it becomes necessary to reduce the load, “reduce the speed” after 50. In such cases, they become even more vulnerable.

Self-analysis and work on their own complexes will help to solve the problem – perhaps together with specialists.

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