What do science fantasies turn into?

What do science fantasies turn into?

What is the result of cryonics and virtual reality now?

There is no need to list numerous science fiction works that describe cases of deep freezing of people for the purpose of their subsequent awakening. According to the authors, cryonics will allow in the future to cure deadly diseases that cannot be treated in the current state of medicine, or will help to realize long journeys in outer space.

With the current state of technology, cryopreservation of large organs or organisms seems impossible, since it leads to irreversible consequences. Nevertheless, many scientists hope someday to bring a frozen person back to life. The first human cryopreservation occurred more than half a century ago. Currently, there are already a hundred such examples.

The fact that cryonics at some point can be successfully applied to the human body is not completely unbelievable. Individual cells are capable of this for many decades, even human embryos and protozoa, such as nematodes, are subjected to deep freezing, and all of them are viable. The problem of deep freezing is associated with the fact that the cooling of the body should occur without the formation of destructive ice crystals. For this, physiological fluids are replaced with antifreeze, but what is suitable for simple structures is completely contraindicated to complex structures. In addition, antifreeze can lead to irreversible damage to organs – and how to remove it is also unclear.

A hacker, nicknamed Neo, more and more often a feeling creeps into the soul that something controls him and his life. Through the captain of the ship “Nebuchadnezzar” Morpheus, a fighter of resistance against power machines, he finally finds out that he was right. Neo lives in a computer-generated fantasy world. The sci-fi action movie The Matrix of the Wachowski brothers is undeniably the most significant work when it comes to virtual reality films. It is hard to imagine that a person fully lived in an artificially created computer environment and was not aware of this.

So far, commercially available virtual reality glasses serve almost exclusively for the enjoyment of consumers. But the next generation is likely to communicate, shop, learn new professional skills and work in virtual worlds. Researchers are already checking tactile feedback, so virtual objects are now not only visible, but also accessible to the touch. Definitely a virtual environment will to some extent create real competition. And who knows, maybe we live in an unreal world. And the Indians are right, assuring that the true nature of the world is an illusion.

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