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The easiest way is to visit our website and watch for free all the news 24/7. Bloomber provides the opportunity to watch live the latest news from the world of finance, news of the economy, finance and business, as well as interviews with politicians and businessmen influencing the global economy.

Bloomberg TV is an international television channel, a leader in business information and financial news.

About TV Channel

The Bloomberg TV channel was created in New York City in 1994. The number of its viewers totals 310 million people. The channel team consists of more than three thousand professionals. The European residence of the channel is in London, and the Asian – in Hong Kong. Now the channel is a leader among importers of business and financial news. Bloomberg offers the English-speaking community a wealth of financial information and professional interviews and reports.

Our channel offers you to watch Bloomberg live stream for free. Broadcasting is open 24 hours a day. The programs contain key stories with information about companies, people influencing the economy, new and original acts, as well as news live stream and other programs.

Channel Program

Bloomberg Markets. News from the world of finance, the market of advanced technologies, the latest news from the global economy.

Bloomberg Daybreak. Analyze key events and review the story to create a constructive working day. In the evening, sums up all the business events of the day.

Bloomberg Surveillance. Analysis of the global, global economic situation.

Brilliant Ideas. New and interesting interviews and the most useful information.

What’d You Miss? A show about financial news around the world.

Charlie rose. A popular journalist interviews famous writers, businessmen, athletes, top scientists, politicians, and other prominent personalities.

Bloomberg Technology. An overview of digital technology and the latest achievements in the world of robotics.

Gradually, the channel increases its audience, consisting of people who are able to make decisions and have an impact on the global economy.

The best businessmen follow Bloomberg TV to get objective, accurate and relevant business news. If you also want to keep abreast of major financial events, visit the Bloomberg website online.


According to the data received, in 1981, after the merger of several large corporations, Michael Bloomberg lost his job, but thanks to the agreement he received $ 10 million. With these funds, he opened a completely new company, which he called: “Innovative Market Systems”. After some time, she began to be called Bloomberg.

The main idea of ​​the company was to supply various financial and business information to companies through the terminals – special digital systems that allow economists to analyze the situation on the financial market in real time. The appearance of the first customers and investors gave excellent growth to the development of the company. Currently, Bloomberg terminals are located in almost all business companies. The system was tested for a long time: and proved that it is repeatedly the most reliable and functional in the world. The dissemination of economic information required serious staff of journalists. And in order to solve the problem, the company entered into an agreement with the Dow Jones index, but in 1990 they put an end to cooperation, violating the contract.Bloomberg had to create his own team of editors, consisting of talented journalists and the best graduates.

Currently, a gigantic staff of employees works around the world, regularly filling the network with relevant information. As a result, completely new services were introduced. The company created a radio station and launched the Bloomberg TV television channel, available online.

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