Us will Buy $ 3 Billion Worth Of Products From Farmers to Help Pandemics Anytime

Us will Buy $ 3 Billion Worth Of Products From Farmers to Help Pandemics Anytime

President Donald Trump ordered government purchases of dairy products, meat and vegetables for $ 3 billion from local farmers, due to the fact that the pandemic blocked channels and markets, as well as to help people who need help with food, having lost sources of income in conditions quarantine. This was announced by the head of the White House on Twitter.

In April, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced a $ 190,000,000 plan to help farmers.

Earlier, American farmers and food industry representatives warned of the possibility of interruptions in the supply of products to US stores, as well as the significant losses they incur due to the closure of cafes and restaurants in quarantine. They reported that they were forced to destroy vegetables, fruits, as well as pets due to the closure of meat processing plants, if there were cases of COVID-19.

However, Trump used the law on war production during the Second World War to order the country’s meat processing enterprises to continue working as key elements of life support.

The so-called “food banks”, charitable organizations that collect and distribute products to poor Americans, also got interruptions.

Meanwhile, due to the coronavirus pandemic, in April the United States recorded the largest increase in unemployment in one month since the Great Depression. The US unemployment rate was 14.7%. The number of unemployed increased by 20.5 million per month, according to data released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday.

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