US intelligence: China hides the real scale of the COVID-19 pandemic

US intelligence: China hides the real scale of the COVID-19 pandemic

Official Chinese data on the number of infected and dead as a result of a coronavirus pandemic are falsified, according to Bloomberg, citing a secret report by U.S. intelligence provided to the White House.

Bloomberg sources did not provide any additional information about the report. Chinese authorities reported 82,000 cases of infection and 3,300 deaths as a result of the epidemic, which began according to the version of Beijing, in late December in Wuhan.

As of the morning of April 2, in the United States, more than 215 and a half thousand infected have been identified, more than 4,000 people have died. “The bottom line is that the situation would be better if China were more open. It’s now obvious that long before the world knew that China was facing an infection, the epidemic was already real in China, ”US Vice President Mike Pence said in an interview with CNN on April 1. According to President Trump, he did not receive a U.S. intelligence report, but the data provided by Beijing seems at least incomplete.

The real picture of the development of the epidemic in China is important for modeling the spread of coronavirus in the world and evaluating the effectiveness of control measures. On March 31, immunologist Deborah Birks, an adviser to the Trump administration on the coronavirus problem, said the information provided by Beijing influenced the conclusions and actions of various governments.

In recent days, it has been reported that funeral homes in Wuhan received an unusually large number of burial urns. There are reports that there are lines waiting for relatives to receive the ashes, which may indicate a higher mortality rate as a result of the pandemic. According to some estimates, the number of deaths may exceed 40,000. The official number of deaths in Wuhan is 2.5 thousand.

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