Twitter explained the disappearance of Trump's publication

Twitter explained the disappearance of Trump’s publication

The publication of US President Donald Trump with the name of the alleged informant in the impeachment case disappeared from the social network Twitter due to a technical malfunction, company representatives said.

Trump on Friday, December 27, reposted a message from another user with the name of the alleged informant, whose testimony became the basis for the impeachment procedure. After some time, users stopped seeing the tweet, it appeared only on Sunday.

“Due to a failure in one of our systems, tweets in account profiles were not visible to all users. We are still working to fix the problem and apologize for any confusion,” CNN quotes.

According to a company representative, this technical issue has affected millions of accounts.

In addition, after the trump publication reappeared on Sunday, Twitter users criticized the American leader for divulging this information. And lawyer Stephen Cohn said the president is violating his duty to protect whistleblowers.

In November, Facebook said it would remove from the social network all references to the alleged name of an informant who filed a complaint against Trump after his conversation with Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky. However, CNN clarifies that there is no such ban on publishing names on Twitter.

In the fall, in the United States, Democrats launched an evidence-gathering process to impeach Trump. The reason was the complaint of an unnamed U.S. intelligence official who suspected the president of pressure on Ukraine to discredit his potential rival in the 2020 presidential election from the democratic wing of Joe Biden.

Trump has repeatedly demanded that the name of the informant be made public, and also called his impeachment fraud, as well as an “illegal party attempted coup d’etat.”

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