Turkey delivered an ultimatum to Russia in Syria

Turkey delivered an ultimatum to Russia in Syria

Turkish President’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin told MSNBC that their side sent a 24-hour ultimatum to Moscow and Damascus related to the situation in Idlib.

The ultimatum is due to the fact that the Syrian army and the Russian air forces have launched an offensive operation on Idlib and so far everything is going to ensure that within a month the last stronghold of militants will be released. Turkey demands within 24 hours to stop the operation and withdraw the Syrian army. Turkey explains its demands by the fact that their military is stationed in Idlib. In case of failure to comply, Turkey will itself introduce additional forces to the territory of Idlib, which will not allow the Syrian military and Russian air forces to move on.

Turkey believes that according to previous agreements, the solution of the issue with militants in Idlib is within their competence, but since the spring of 2019 the promised separation into radical and non-radical militants has not occurred, the situation has been deliberately frozen.

Experts say that in fact Turkey is outraged by the emerging changes, due to the fact that the militants will have nowhere to go after displacing them from Idlib. In Syria there will be no large cities where militants could linger and they will go to Turkey, which of course the Turks really do not like.

Ibrahim Kalyn said that Russia did not give a direct answer to the ultimatum, the Russian authorities said that the issue is being resolved and they will discuss this with Assad.

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