Trump: speaking at the end of the impeachment investigation

Trump: speaking at the end of the impeachment investigation

US President Donald Trump on Thursday delivers a speech at the White House on the outcome of the impeachment trial.

Recall that on the eve of most senators voted to justify the president.

Addressing the audience, the president said that for three years he and his family had to deal with lies, corruption and “dirty policemen”.

This did not happen to any president, Trump said.

The President praised the support and help of those whom he called friends.

The president said most Americans liked his Country Report.

The president called the passing event a holiday.

He recalled a number of stages of investigations related to the activities of his campaign headquarters. He mentioned, in particular, the investigation led by Special Prosecutor Müller.

The president also mentioned the dossier of Christopher Steele, which he called a fake.

Corrupt politicians fabricate facts, the president emphasized.

Trump praised the head of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, saying that he did a “fantastic job”.

The President also noted the role of Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, calling him “an incredible guy.”

Trump spoke critically to Senator Mitt Romney, the only Republican senator to vote for impeachment.

The president called the democratic leaders Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi “vicious and terrible people.”

At the same time, Trump reiterated that his telephone conversation with Vladimir Zelensky last July was impeccable.

The President noted the political merits of the head of the Republican minority in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy.

He also expressed appreciation to a number of other Republican congressmen, in particular Devin Nunes and Steve Skaliz.

Trump expressed confidence that he will once again defeat the Democrats. Stating that the Republican Party’s spirit is stronger than ever, the head of the White House recalled that President Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

Touching upon the investigations again, Trump spoke critically about former intelligence officers Pete Strzok and Lisa Page. He also mentioned Special Prosecutor Müller, expressing in this context dissatisfaction with the fact that a number of emails from String and Page were destroyed.

Once again emphasizing the party nature of the impeachment initiated by the Democrats, Trump, without giving a name to Romney, mentioned one “failed candidate for president.”

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