Trump: malaria drug approved for use against coronavirus

Trump: malaria drug approved for use against coronavirus

US President Donald Trump at a press conference in the White House announced the intention of American doctors to experimentally use hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil) to treat a new type of coronavipus.

According to him, the drug, which is used to treat malaria and arthritis, showed “very encouraging results” in the treatment of coronavirus COVID-19. “We intend to immediately make the drug available,” the head of the White House promised, noting that drug trials were ongoing.

In addition, in the fight against the disease, American doctors plan to use the drug company Gilead – Remdesivir. According to the US president, the drug also showed “very good results in the fight against this virus,” and it should soon be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

As of March 19, in the United States 9345 cases of infection with a new coronavirus were confirmed, 150 people died. In total in the world – more than 219 thousand patients, about 9 thousand people became victims, more than 85 thousand recovered.

As previously reported, President Trump took emergency powers to mobilize industry to fight the coronavirus.

The decision was made amid the increasing negative effects of the pandemic, when large American automakers said they were closing factories in North America.

Calling himself the “wartime president,” Trump took advantage of the 1950 Defense Industry Act to be able to direct industry to fill up the shortage of facebands, ventilators, and other products while hospitals are preparing for an influx of patients.

The law passed during the Korean War gives the president extraordinary powers to force enterprises to expand production and produce vital materials.

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