Trump Appoints Congressman Meadows Head of White House Apparatus

Trump Appoints Congressman Meadows Head of White House Apparatus

US President Donald Trump announced that his close ally Mark Meadows will become the new head of the White House apparatus. His predecessor, Mick Mulvaney, worked in this position for a little over a year. In total, Meadows will be the fourth head of the apparatus under Trump.

The President of the United States announced the appointment of Meadows on Twitter. He noted that he has been working with Meadows for a long time and knows him well. In turn, Mulvaney will take up the post of US special envoy to Northern Ireland.

Rumors about the upcoming resignation of Mulvaini have been circulating since the fall. In October, during a press conference in the White House, he was asked about possible pressure on the Ukrainian authorities (these allegations against Trump subsequently became the basis for the impeachment process). To this, Mulvaney replied: “We always do this.”

According to reporters, Trump was extremely dissatisfied with this statement. Mulvaney later published a press release clarifying his position and said that the issue of providing military assistance to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into the Ukrainian business of Joe Biden’s son, Trump’s potential rival in the next election, did not arise.

During the Senate hearings themselves on the Trump impeachment case, Mulvaney refused to testify.

In addition, Mulvaney several times appeared in the spotlight of the press due to reckless statements. So, in the same October 2019, he gave explanations about Trump’s proposal to hold a G-7 summit at one of his resorts in Florida. The head of the White House apparatus said the president “still considers himself part of the hotel business.”

Nevertheless, back in February, Trump said that he was not going to dismiss Mulvaney, and called the rumors about the upcoming resignation of the head of the apparatus untrue. In addition, he noted that he has an excellent relationship with Mulvaney. On the day Malveini resigned, the same president wrote about Meadows.

Congressman Mark Meadows was called a candidate for the head of the White House apparatus back in 2018. Unlike Malvaini, who, despite his position, was never considered a member of Trump’s close circle, Meadows is known as a long-time ally of the president.

It is possible that two scandals involving him immediately prevented his appointment. The first was related to allegations of sexual harassment made by several employees against the deputy head of the congressman’s apparatus back in 2014. After the proceedings, this employee resigned, but then it turned out that, contrary to the law, he was paid a few more months.

In 2018, the incident was submitted to the U.S. Senate Ethics Commission. As a result, the congressman was fined $ 40,000, deciding that he did not take sufficient measures to prevent further harassment of the deputy head of his staff against the employees and to protect their interests.

In addition, in the same 2018, amid rumors about the possible appointment of the head of the White House apparatus, Meadows announced that he had received a bachelor’s degree in humanities. After that, the journalists doubted this on the pages of Meadows clarification appeared that it was really just about getting him the title of candidate for such a degree.

Meadows will be the fourth head of the White House apparatus in three years of Trump’s presidency. The first person the president appointed to this post was Rains Pribus in January 2017. Six months later, John Kelly took his place, replaced in January 2019 by Mulvaney.

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