Tori Spelling Fans Accused Her of Greed

Tori Spelling Fans Accused Her of Greed

The actress wanted to arrange a paid chat for fans, the cost of participation in which was $ 95.

During the quarantine period, most celebrities switched to a mode of remote communication with their audience. Television hosts arrange online interviews with the stars, artists give online concerts, actors and bloggers just chat with fans in video chat. All of this, of course, is free. But Tori Spelling decided to try to capitalize on such activities. She came up with an online meeting “for the elite”, which could get only 20 of her fans. A prerequisite for participation is payment of $ 95. Needless to say, what wave of indignation was raised by the idea of ​​Tory.

“Everyone organizes free concerts, and you ask for money!”, “Where did we get 95 extra dollars when the whole world froze because of a pandemic ?!”, “There people die, and you are trying to make money on us. What have you become! ” – speak out the subscribers of the actress.

Recently, Lady Gaga and her father aroused such outrage. Joseph Germanotta tried to save his restaurant from the crisis and set up a fundraiser on the Internet. He asked for money to pay rent and employee benefits and wanted to raise an amount of $ 50 thousand. Users were indignant because the co-owner of this restaurant is his daughter Lady Gaga, who earned tens of millions of dollars over the past year and recently acquired five-story apartments in central New York.

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