To Open or Not to Open a Country? The Number One Problem in the US Political Sphere

To Open or Not to Open a Country? The Number One Problem in the US Political Sphere

In the US, discussions are continuing on the opening of the country. US lawmakers are discussing with healthcare professionals whether the country has enough facilities for an open environment.

In some US states, restrictions on coronavirus infection are being eased. At the same time, health officials warn of the dangers of premature opening.

“If some cities, states and territories are opened early and without effective countermeasures, I am concerned that we may see new outbreaks of infection that will lead to a new infection,” said Anthony Fauchi.

Despite a series of recent protests against the special situation, a number of lawmakers continue to work remotely. In addition, the question of whether to wear a mask or not became a manifestation of a political position.

In turn, US President Donald Trump continues to insist on the need to reopen the country. The President emphasizes that it was the country that conducted the most tests in the United States.

The issue of reopening is particularly relevant in the context of the economic crisis. Unemployment in the country reached its highest level in a hundred years. However, republican lawmakers are in no hurry to accept the new support package.

Now we are following the results of the assistance provided. We have increased our public debt by about $ 3 trillion, so we need to evaluate its effectiveness before moving forward, ”said Mitch McConnell, Republican leader in the US Senate.

But Democrats say there is a need for a new aid package to stimulate the US economy.

“Now we must think more about our people, otherwise there will be new victims and losses.” We will pay the highest price in the event of inaction, ”said Nancy Pelosi, spokeswoman for the House of Representatives.

Democrats plan to launch a new $ 3 trillion aid package in the House of Representatives later this week, but they have no chance of passing the Senate with a Republican majority.

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