This Video Will Show How Sound Looks

This Video Will Show How Sound Looks

Sound can not only be heard, but also seen. Acting on the air, its pressure can be deviated from the equilibrium value, thereby creating sound waves that begin to propagate from the sound source, eventually reaching the listener. But sound waves can also be perceived visually. The vibrations they create affect small particles, causing them to form the most unexpected patterns.

The science involved in the study of visible sound and vibration is called cymatics. By acting on a thin layer of particles or liquid with sound waves, you can create a real masterpiece.

Inspired by the physics of sound, musician Nigel Stanford decided to record a music video with his group, in which he showed several scientific experiments related to cymatics.

CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music – Nigel Stanford

In the second experiment, Photographer Linden Gledhill decided to find out using water and neon light. The result is real psychedelic synesthesia.

Gladhill achieved this result quite simply. The water tank stands on an acoustic column, separated by a thin membrane. The column is controlled through an amplifier connected to a computer. When the sound comes out of the column, Gladhill photographs the entire structure from above, looking either at the surface of the water, or in the same way, but through a ring of LEDs.

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