There is evidence that Amber Heard beat Johnny Depp

There is evidence that Amber Heard beat Johnny Depp

Hollywood stars officially divorced in 2017. For several years, ex-spouses have been suing. Amber Heard accuses the ex-husband of domestic violence and beating, and Johnny Depp tries to justify himself by saying that the words of the actress are lies and slander.

A few years ago, 33-year-old Amber Heard accused 56-year-old Johnny Depp of domestic violence and demanded a temporary security order prohibiting her ex-husband from approaching her. The court granted the lawsuit. Depp for a long time avoided meetings with Amber, after which he himself filed a lawsuit against the ex-wife. For the slander that Heard spreads, the artist demanded $ 50 million. According to him, he did not raise his hand to the chosen one.

The courts are still ongoing, and the actors are looking for any evidence of each other’s guilt. However, records of 2015 with the votes of former spouses got on the Network. In the audio you can hear a pair of high tones sorting out a relationship.

“I’m not going to fight you. You hit me last night. I left yesterday if you could calm down. Darling, I already told you about this, that to death I am afraid that someday it will end in crime. I love you and want you to become my wife, and I – your husband, ”Depp told Heard after she threw a heavy object at him.

In response, the actress said that the blow was completely mild to complain about him. The actress noted that she is often quick-tempered, but this does not lead to disastrous results. “Yes, I hit you, but you’re okay. I’m sorry I didn’t hit you in the face harder. Darling, nobody beat you up, don’t invent it. If I throw myself pots and pans, it still means nothing. God, I’m sometimes so angry that I lose my mind, ”Amber said then.

Following the publication of these transcripts, Johnny Depp’s attorneys stated that these records confirm that Amber Heard slandered the actor and, in fact, he did not, but she practiced domestic violence.

Recall, the couple met during the filming of the film “The Rum Diary”, in which Johnny Depp played a major role. For three years, Hollywood actors met, and in February 2015 they legalized their relationship. However, a year later, Amber filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences and beatings.

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