The Situation with Coronavirus in the USA on May 21, 2020

The situation with Coronavirus in the USA on May 21, 2020

The first cases of infection in the United States were detected in the second half of February, and the first victim died on February 29.

US states continue to weaken restrictive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, which killed almost 92,000 people.

As of Wednesday, all 50 US states are in some kind of opening phase. However, experts in the field of public health note that safe discovery requires comprehensive testing and implementation of a system to find people who have been in contact with COVID-19 patients.

Context is the last state that relaxes restrictions today.

“We can very carefully continue to work with those enterprises that are least likely to pose a danger and are likely to have a real economic impact on the state,” said Governor Ned Lamont.

However, some stores are protesting because they were excluded from the first phase of the opening – among them beauty salons and hairdressers.

“Suddenly, we were left without support,” says hairdresser owner Jason Bunce.

In New Jersey, a man who went to the gym was arrested for violating existing measures, and his owner was fined. In the state of Washington, a similar fate befell several gyms, which were opened, despite restrictions.

From coast to coast, other countries are preparing for the upcoming “Memorial Day” holiday. In the coastal city of Virginia Beach, officials called on citizens to bring chairs, umbrellas, and towels to the beaches to relax before the holidays, but with a warning issued by Virginia Governor Ralph Northham.

“I will not hesitate to return to the first phase of the restrictions or even close the beaches if necessary.”

In Dallas, Texas, Mayor Eric Johnson said residents should not be forced to leave if they should not.

“The fact that the economy is developing does not mean that you need to immediately go to restaurants or other places.”

In New York, officials are testing a new program that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect urban traffic.

“Ultraviolet light destroyed the virus in the lab,” said Pat Foy, executive director of the New York City Traffic Administration.

However, most of the city is still closed – including beaches, although it is planned to open them in other parts of New York. However, only residents of this area can come to this one on Long Island, fearing that a large number of people from the city of New York may come.

In California, the famous Joshua Tree National Park opens for visitors, but with new rules for social distance. However, some citizens fear that it is too early.

“They’ll come to our stores, and we still have to go shopping and live,” says California resident Carrie Dagerr.

In Colorado, local officials warn residents not to violate public health rules after dozens of people gathered in one place in Boulder County without respecting physical distance.

At the same time, the state of Maryland has the highest daily increase – about 2000 new cases of infection, while the first child in the country died from coronavirus. The governor announced that testing will be extended to citizens who do not have COVID-19 symptoms.

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