The Most Eco-Friendly Sneakers Invented Made From Apples

The Most Eco-Friendly Sneakers Invented Made From Apples

Companions Mark & ​​Greet, for several years dreamed of creating shoes that would not have a negative impact on the environment. At the same time, they wanted their product to be of high quality.

After various studies, sneakers were developed at Komrads APL founded in 2013. They are 100% made from recycled and used materials. The sole is made of rubber obtained from old car tires and painted with vegetable paint. Shoelaces – from ocean litter – processed plastic bottles. The glue used to fasten parts of the product is completely organic. It is reported by

As the main material in sneakers, a new invention was used – vegan leather Apple Eco Leather. It consists of 50% of the raw materials remaining after the use of apples in industry. In the manufacture of apple juices and other products, a lot of waste remains. The peel and the core of the fruit is collected, crushed, organic substances are added, pressed and a durable and high-quality alternative to natural skin is obtained.


“Firstly, our product must be environmentally friendly. Secondly, it should have a good design. And thirdly, it should be convenient, ”one of its founders talks about the goals of Greet.

Komrads sneakers are made in Europe (in Portugal), and this minimizes the cost of international transportation. Products from “apple leather” are presented on, where it is also possible where to buy this product.

Material from apples has already become a source of inspiration for other inventors. So, for example, based on the idea of ​​creating vegan leather, in Mexico, two entrepreneurs created leather from prickly pear cactus.

Today, the vegan industry, in particular the use of artificial materials alternative to natural leather, is becoming increasingly popular. New inventions in this area appear; they are used not only to create shoes: bags, clothes and various other items are also made from environmental materials.

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