The majority of South Koreans in the survey called their country "hell"

The majority of South Koreans in the survey called their country “hell”

Most young South Koreans called their country “hell” and declared their desire to leave. About this newspaper The Hankyoreh writes with reference to the results of a sociological study.

So, eight out of ten South Koreans aged 19 to 34 years consider the country “hell”, another 75% said they hope to leave. Moreover, the level of anxiety among women is higher than that of men.

At the same time, close values ​​were also shown in the group of representatives of the older generation (from 35 to 59 years old). In it, 64% considered South Korea as “hell”, and 65% reported their desire to leave.

The study analyzed the data of 5 thousand South Koreans from 19 to 59 years. The error is 5%. Data was presented at the 119th Forum on Gender Equality of the Korea Women’s Development Institute (KWDI). This is a government research center under the office of the Prime Minister.

Earlier it became known that American youth would prefer to live under socialism, rather than under capitalism. So, 44% of US residents see more advantages in socialism, 42% of American citizens favor capitalism, according to a YouGov poll.

At the same time, 7% were in favor of communism. Experts attribute this to the fact that people of the “millennium generation” feel left out – 53% of respondents are convinced that the US economy “works against them.”

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