The Guy Found $ 135,000, Went to the Police and Got Rich

The Guy Found $ 135,000, Went to the Police and Got Rich

The American found $ 135,000 next to an ATM and became fabulously wealthy. It was not a “find” that helped, but honesty, because instead of taking the money to himself, the guy gave it to the police, for which he was rewarded. Now he is a state star and a person who feels wealthy, and all thanks to the lessons of his parents, reports

Jose Nunez of Romanism, a 19-year-old student from the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, went to the ATM in early May to put money on the card when he got out of the car and noticed a transparent plastic bag on the ground. The contents of the bag surprised the guy, because it contained 20 and 50 dollar bills, which totaled $ 135,000.

“I didn’t know what to do. It seemed to me that I was sleeping,” Jose remembered his thoughts. “I was just shocked. I looked at myself and thought:“ What should I do? ”As the student assures, thoughts to take the money, he didn’t have. Instead he feared that it could be either someone’s hoax or a trap. Since the bank was closed, Jose called the police and waited for her to arrive.

While the guy was waiting for the police, a lesson was being played in his head, which his parents had taught him all his life. “My parents always taught me how to work independently. Stolen money is never enough,” Jose explained. “I literally heard my mother’s voice and her chancla (a concept that is a half-joking threat to hit a child so that he does not go astray) in my head.

The guy found $ 135,000

And, judging by the student’s act, he really learned the lesson well. For which he was thanked by the police who arrived.

As it turned out later, the money was accidentally left by a bank subcontractor who was supposed to put cash into an ATM. Now, for this mistake, he faces the termination of cooperation with the enterprise.

Officer Simon Drobik told reporters that he was astounded by Jose’s action. “This money could radically change his life if he went the other way, but he chose … the path of honesty and did the right thing,” the policeman said.

And, of course, the nobility of the guy did not go unnoticed. He was thanked not only by the servants of the law, but also by several local enterprises. On May 7, the Albuquerque Police Academy held a ceremonial presentation of a plaque to Jose and an invitation to work as an assistant to the civil service at the police station. For a freshman university studying criminal law, this is a really good opportunity to start a career.

In addition, the local radio station ESPN Radio FM 101.7 expressed its gratitude. Her employees presented Jose with memorable sportswear autographed by celebrities, including former NFL star Brian Urlacher. They also added six season tickets to the game of the Lobos University of New Mexico University football team.

Several city enterprises did not pass this story as well, three of which gave the guy $ 500 each. And another restaurant sent him a $ 100 gift card. In the end, Jose became richer in any case, but he did it in an honest way, which deserves respect and gratitude from the public. Now he lives with his parents, whom he helps in raising his brother and sister. He studies at a local university and dreams of becoming an investigator.

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