The finale of the third season of The Good Doctor will make you cry

The finale of the third season of The Good Doctor will make you cry

We tell what the creators have prepared for the fans.

The next two episodes of the series “The Good Doctor” will be united by a single story arch – the first series will be released in the USA on March 24, and the second – exactly in a week, March 30. Showrunner David Shore, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, promises the audience something “virulent” – according to him, the season finale will not only surprise, but will make you cry and laugh.

After a major earthquake in San Jose, Sean, Park, and Claire head to the local bar, which was destroyed by the cataclysm. In addition to the victims they did not know, inside are Dr. Melendez, Dr. Glassman and Lea. So far, personal experiences have been important for the characters — Sean’s feelings after Lea rejected him, Claire’s inner feelings, realizing that she was in love with Melendez. But an earthquake puts it all in the background.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 20 Promo

David Shore, show runner for The Good Doctor and House M.D, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“Spectators, of course, are waiting for a really tense two hours. I think that we do not get melodrama, but drama. We will make you cry and make you smile. This is such a cliche, of course, but we really strive for precisely this result, and in the two final episodes of the season our desire is even greater. In this double episode, Sean is no longer trying to figure out a relationship, he is careful. You will find many interesting discussions with people in the face of inevitable death, but the series is still dedicated to Sean. She talks about what it means to be Sean and what Sean means to Leah, what it all means to himself, to us, and what all this really should mean. We will see how the focus of the narrative shifts and how priorities change. This is exactly what society is facing today. You live every day – certain things become important to you, and then you ask questions about life, death, responsibility to your environment, and suddenly everything changes. Of course, it’s rather stupid to quote myself, but one of my favorite moments in the TV series “House MD” (“Three Stories”, approx. Ed.) Is related to the fact that it is in the face of death that we understand why we agree to lie and for which they are ready to die. This is what we will talk about in the season finale of “The Good Doctor”. All our heroes face death every day in the context of treating their patients, but now this topic will become much closer to some of them. ”

THE GOOD DOCTOR – Official Season 3 Trailer

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