The Constitutional Court of Russia approved the preservation of Putin’s power until 2036

The Constitutional Court of Russia approved the preservation of Putin's power until 2036

Putin was finally allowed to usurp power in Russia. First, for the next two six-year terms (starting in 2024). The fact is that the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation recognized the amendments to the Constitution of Russia proposed by Tereshkova (the State Duma deputy, the first woman-cosmonaut) in accordance with the law that all Putin’s presidential terms are reset.

The amendments were signed by Putin on March 14. Then the court began its emergency meeting, which was held behind closed doors. The opinion issued by the Constitutional Court was sent to Putin and is not subject to appeal. Voting for the bill will be held on April 22.

Judges of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation for two days checked and recognized the constitutional law on amendments to the Constitution, as well as approved the procedure for its adoption. The court explained what are the reasons for canceling the presidential terms of Vladimir Putin, why rejection of same-sex marriage cannot be considered discrimination – and why Russians should be recognized as state-forming people. The court’s decision was expected: 11 out of 15 judges in the Constitutional Court were appointed at the suggestion of Putin, but he also nominated the head of the court, Valery Zorkin, to the presidency.

The State Duma of the Russian Federation has nullified Putin’s presidential terms in the first reading on March 10 … In fact, a decision has been made that sets the vector for the next ten years. Russian parliamentarians adopted the amendment to “nullify the presidential term.” She will allow the current president to be re-elected to this post. Previous dates are actually reset. In addition, restrictions on the number of presidential terms are lifted.

State Duma deputy from “United Russia” Valentina Tereshkova came up with the initiative to amend the constitution of the Russian Federation in order to either remove the restriction for the president for two terms, or to nullify the presidential term after the adoption of amendments to the main law of the country. She explained that now is supposedly not an easy time, so it is important who will be at the helm, and under Putin stability is guaranteed. The State Duma voted “for” 380 votes with 44 “against”.

Speaking in parliament, Putin said that “an option to nullify the presidential term would be possible if the Constitutional Court gives permission for such an amendment.” According to him, “a strong presidential vertical is absolutely necessary.”

“There were proposals to extend the powers of the incumbent president, your humble servant. There is no need to do this, there should be an alternative, ”he said.

Note earlier, Putin looked for different options to stay in power after two consecutive terms in the Kremlin. But it seems that he himself decided not to leave the presidency. There is no doubt that the Constitutional Court will not be opposed to Putin being elected again. Judges live in Russia. And the presidential election in Russia gives a predicted result. Therefore, we can say that Tereshkova launched the new unlimited “flight” of Putin.

Note that after two terms in the Kremlin of the president, Putin “handed” him over to Dmitry Medvedev, and then returned for two terms, moreover, the last of them was increased to 6 years …

Earlier it became known that Putin is betting on the State Council. And it is planned to supplement the list of powers of the President of Russia with the right to form it.

According to this amendment, the State Council is created “in order to ensure the coordinated functioning and interaction of state authorities, determine the main directions of the domestic and foreign policy of the Russian Federation and priority areas of the socio-economic development of the state” The powers and the most loyal composition of the State Council will allow Putin, having headed it, to secure the reins of government for life without being the president.

Recall, on January 18, Putin made a statement that can be interpreted as criticism of an indefinite stay in power. But…

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