Than Botox May Be Dangerous, Scientists Explained

Than Botox for Women Can Be Dangerous, Scientists Explained

A new study by scientists from the University of Cardiff (UK) shows that it is more difficult for women to have an orgasm after taking a course of anti-aging procedures with botulinum injections.

According to a study by Cardiff University, women have difficulty getting an orgasm after a Botox course, writes

The researchers decided to test how the muscles that botulinum affects are associated with sexual arousal. They observed a small group of women before and after Botox injections. Half of them showed a significant decrease in sexual satisfaction.

Study Leader, Dr. Michael Lewis, says: “This is an example of how the facial muscles not only reflect what we feel, but influence our senses.”

But why is facial expression associated with a sense of pleasure? The human brain constantly makes predictions, which, in turn, affect physiology. If we think we are approaching a climax, a corresponding expression appears on our face. If this does not happen, the brain concludes that we are not experiencing pleasure, and sends an appropriate signal to the body.

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