SpaceX successfully launched 60 satellites into orbit: video

SpaceX successfully launched 60 satellites into orbit: video

SpaceX has launched the Falcon 9 rocket into orbit for the third time since the beginning of 2020. This time the company launched 60 more satellites. Thus, Elon Musk continues to implement his grandiose plan Starlink.

The launch took place on February 17, at 10:05 Eastern time (15:05 UTC). SpaceX launched the reusable Falcon 9 launch vehicle. The launch with 15.5 tons of cargo took place from the US Air Force base at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

The launch was successful. True, the first stage of the rocket did not land on the barge (as planned), but fell into the ocean.

But SpaceX hopes it survives. Therefore, they plan to find and restore the work of this stage.

Falcon 9 rocket launch: video

What is known about the Starlink project

This is the idea of ​​creating a SpaceX near-Earth satellite system for cheap and high-speed Internet. After six launches, Starlink plans to offer services in parts of the US and Canada, after 24, worldwide.

Interestingly, Elon Musk’s company is not the only one who wants to create Internet networks in orbit: several other private companies are involved in this, in particular OneWeb, which recently launched the first batch of its satellites.

True, such an idea is not very popular with scientists. They are alarmed that the appearance of hundreds of new objects around the Earth will prevent them from observing.

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