Soho London Quarter Evacuated Due to World War II Bomb

Soho London Quarter Evacuated Due to World War II Bomb

In the London Soho district in the very center of the city, an unexploded bomb from World War II was discovered.

Several streets full of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues were cordoned off.

The police were called at 13:50 local time when the builders found ammunition on Dean Street.

Among others, nearby theaters were evacuated. The busy streets of Oxford Street, Charing Cross Road and Shaftesbury Avenue are blocked.

The unexploded bombs of times of World War II in Britain are still found quite often.

The British Ministry of Defense in 2018 reported that since 2010, its specialists have defused 450 German bombs, that is, about 60 a year. There is no data for the period until 2010.

The statistics of the ministry do not include bombs defused by private companies and individuals. Usually the military is involved in bombs, with the help of the police and firefighters, but sometimes it is done by private individuals, mostly former military, and several private companies.

The Zetica company, which works with unexploded ordnance, estimates that all together private companies defuse about 8 thousand bombs, grenades and mines a year.

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