Shannen Doherty was diagnosed with stage four cancer

Shannen Doherty was diagnosed with stage four cancer

The 48-year-old American actress only a few years ago began a full life after a long struggle with oncology. However, Doherty admitted that she was not able to completely overcome the disease. The disease is rapidly progressing, doctors diagnosed her with the fourth stage of breast cancer.

The legendary actress Shannen Doherty has become the guest of the new episode of Good Morning America, which was released today, February 4. In a frank interview, the star admitted that over the past year she has been struggling with oncology again.

The celebrity, who always openly told fans about her illness, decided to publicly announce her health status this time. Doherty assured that the rumors on the network can not be avoided, so it is important for her that the international community hear this recognition from her lips.

In a few days or weeks it will become known that I have the fourth stage of cancer, the cancer has returned. Therefore, I am here. This “pill” is difficult to swallow for many reasons. I seemed petrified. I’m very scared, confessed the actress.

Doherty assured that it was a real test for her to notify her loved ones about oncology. For a long time, a limited number of people knew about cancer that returned, including her husband Kurt Iswarienko, mother and actor Brian Austin Green, who supported her while working on the set of the remake of Beverly Hills, 90210.

I have days when I ask, “Why me?” And then I go and think: “Well, and if you ask why I DO NOT? Nobody deserves this, but nobody says:“ Who, except me, deserves this? ”It’s so strange that I was again diagnosed with this, and someone passed away before me, being absolutely healthy, said the celebrity.

So, Doherty hinted at actor Luke Perry, who was her colleague on the set of Beverly Hills, 90210. He was urgently hospitalized with a stroke in March last year, but doctors could not save the actor, who suddenly passed away at the age of 52. That is why Shannen finds the strength to fight even at the last stage of breast cancer in order to prove by his own example that under no circumstances should one lose hope and faith in the best.

“And the least I can do in memory of him is to come to this show. I want to show that even with the fourth stage, people can live and work. Our life does not end with a similar diagnosis. We still have something to do on this Earth”, the actress assured.

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