Scientists have found a way to extend life for ten years

Scientists have found a way to extend life for ten years

An increase in human life expectancy by an average of ten years is facilitated by the exclusion of five major risk factors for health, according to a study by scientists from Harvard and Amsterdam Universities, published in the British Medical Journal.

It is noted that for 20 years, scientists have monitored the condition of more than 100 thousand healthy people over 50 years old. So, five risk factors were identified, because of which they developed cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or cancer. These are smoking, unhealthy diet, low physical activity, obesity and alcohol consumption.

Refusing these bad habits will extend the life of a woman by an average of ten years, men by nine years. So, non-smoking study participants lived on average 84.4 years, smokers – 73.5.

As reported by MAGNEWS, an analysis of the length of telomeres (end sections of chromosomes), which count the age of people, showed that premature exhaustion of telomeres and, consequently, accelerated aging occur in those who lack sleep. This conclusion was made by scientists of the National Cardiology Center of Singapore.

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