Robert De Niro Recognized Hollywood Major Villain

Robert De Niro Recognized Hollywood Major Villain

Researchers figured out who and how many times was a villain or a negative hero.

The portal published the data of its research, in which it listed the actors who most often played the role of antagonists. In total, 50 people were on the list.

The first place on the list was taken by Robert De Niro with 19 roles as villains in his career. The authors of the study write:

From the Oscar-winning roles in The Godfather and Raging Bull, to the Frankenstein monster and the great white shark (in the Shark Tale cartoon), De Niro knows exactly how to play the bad guys.

Robert De Niro

In second place is Peter Stormare with 17 roles and a commentary by researchers:

It is possible that many do not know this name, but Stormare has a large gallery of villains and robbers, including roles such as Gere Grimsrud in Fargo, John Abruzzi in Prison Break and Satan in Constantine.

Peter Stormare

Ron Perlman took the third place with 16 roles, – according to the compilers of the list, his wide figure and deep voice can scare anyone when Perlman portrays a villain.

Ron Perlman

Fourth and fifth places with 15 roles are shared by Tim Curry (“Clue”, “The Three Musketeers”, Charlie’s Angels ”) and James Woods (“ Stuart Little 2 ”,“ Casino ”,“ Nixon ”). There are a lot of actors with 14 roles: Vinnie Jones, Gary Oldman, Malcolm McDowell and so on.

Only one actress was on the list – Sigourney Weaver, who was an antagonist 7 times. Including in the films “The Cabin in the Woods”, “Paul”, “The Cold Light of Day”.

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