Rihanna Became the Richest Singer in the Uk

Rihanna Became the Richest Singer in the Uk

Rihanna became the richest singer in the UK. In terms of size, she overtook Ed Sheeran, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Sting.

A native of Barbados began to build her career more than 15 years ago.

Initially, she positioned herself as an American singer, but last year she moved to London. According to Rihanna, the reason for the change of residence was a huge number of fans who prevent her from leaving the house.

Rihanna’s fortune is estimated at approximately $ 575 million. Among the artists, only Paul McCartney and Andrew Lloyd Webber were able to get ahead of her with about 900 million dollars each.

The singer herself in a recent interview admitted that most of her income now is revenue from the sale of designer underwear. Recently, she also launched a line of cosmetics, which gained great popularity.

Album sales brought only 0.5 percent of the singer’s fortune. Concert fees are about 25 percent of Rihanna’s income.

The widow of George Harrison Olivia Harrison also appeared in the ranking of the richest stars in the UK. The state of the ex-musician The Beatles after his death was divided between his wife and son, in view of which both of them were on the list.

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