Pompeo in Munich: “The West is Winning”

Pompeo in Munich: “The West is Winning”

Munich. February, 15. CNN – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday included Russia in the list of countries that, in his opinion, operate on principles that run counter to the principles of the West.

“Some countries are still striving to create empires,” he said, speaking at the Munich Security Conference.

“Russia is engaged in misinformation, trying to set our citizens against each other,” said the head of the State Department.

He also spoke about “aggressive actions” against Georgia and the east of Ukraine, as well as about the accession of Crimea to the Russian Federation.

Finally, Pompeo considered that in Central Asia the Russian Federation “requires feudal loyalty” from a number of countries.

In addition, during his speech, Pompeo criticized actions on the international stage of Iran and China.

In general, in his opinion, “The West is Winning. Freedom and democracy prevail.”

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