PlayStation 5 Presentation – Record Live Video

PlayStation 5 Presentation - Record Live Video

Today Sony presents the PlayStation 5. One of the main developers of the console, Mark Zerni, will talk about the new generation console. Show the new console will be on the PlayStation blog.

PlayStation 5 Presentation

The company recorded the video in advance, and it was intended for the GDC 2020 video game developers conference, which was postponed to the summer due to the coronavirus epidemic. In the broadcast, one of the main developers of the console – Mark Zerny will talk about the system architecture of the PlayStation 5 and how it will affect the future of games.

What is known about the PlayStation5

In January this year, at the CES 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, Sony introduced the official PlayStation 5 logo, and also confirmed the main features of the console:

SSD drive, designed to reduce boot time in games; Hardware support for ray tracing technology; Adaptive triggers in the new DualShock 5 controller; Hardware support for 3D sound;
Drive Ultra HD Blu-ray.

Last year, the company confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will have a significant performance boost over the current generation PS4. In support of its words, Sony showed the results of downloading the “open world” in the game Marvel’s Spider-man. On PS4, loading took 15 seconds, and on PS5 – 0.8 seconds

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