Pamela Anderson secretly married John Peterson

Pamela Anderson secretly married John Peterson

Beloved actress has been waiting for her for thirty years.

The legendary sex symbol of Hollywood Pamela Anderson married for the fifth time. A modest ceremony in the circle of the closest was held in the iconic actress Malibu. The husband of Pamela, became the famous producer John Peters (“Rain Man”, “Batman”, “A Star Is Born”). For both spouses, this marriage was the fifth.

The couple met more than 30 years ago when Pamela just arrived to conquer Hollywood. It was Peters who saw the great potential of the beauty. He paid her acting, singing and dancing lessons and helped her get a role in Rescue Malibu. They began an affair, and John even made an offer to the young actress, but Pam was then confused by the 22-year-old age difference. “After 30 years, our age difference will not mean so much,” Peters said then and was right!

According to the producer, throughout all these years life brought him together with various beautiful girls, but his feelings for Pamela did not wane. He said that despite the huge choice among beautiful women, he chose Pamela because for all 35 years he had kept his love for her. And he is ready to protect her and treat her the way she deserves, he told The Hollywood Reporter.

The actress, who last summer suffered a difficult breakup with football player Adil Rami, feels absolutely happy and writes love poems on her Instagram.

She also confessed to her marriage in poetry: instead of the traditional announcement of the wedding, the actress sent reporters The Hollywood Reporter a three-poem about her lover. In it, she said that John is “a real” bad guy “from Hollywood,” whose life has always frightened her, but, nevertheless, no one can compare with him.

Like thirty years ago, John intends to help Pamela in her film career. The producer in love says that the actress “still does not understand her full potential, and she still has to really shine.”

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