Obamagate: President Trump Criticizes Former President Obama

Obamagate: President Trump Criticizes Former President Obama

US President Donald Trump and his allies continue to incite Obamagate, a conspiracy theory that former President Barack Obama was responsible for planning an investigation into Russia’s interference in US elections.

The U.S. Senate Legal Committee will soon return to investigating possible ties between Donald Trump’s entourage and Russia, this time to find out if the investigation was opened by Trump’s opponents in violation of the law. This was announced on Thursday by the head of the committee, Republican Lindsey Graham – one of the president’s political allies.

President Donald Trump again turned his attention to his well-known political goals.

“Obamagate. This has been going on for a long time. It started a long time ago, before I won the election. ”

President Trump has long accused former President Barack Obama of various crimes, including accusing the former president of trying to sabotage the future administration of President Trump in 2017. But he did not give more details.

“You know what a crime is. Crime is very understandable to everyone. ”

Obamagate is a conspiracy theory held by former President Obama, who is responsible for prosecutor Mueller planning an investigation into Russian interference that helped Trump win the 2016 United States election.

President Trump is fueling a theory debate ahead of the November election, in which he will meet with former vice president Joe Biden, who was part of the administration of former President Obama.

“All he can do to draw negative attention to Biden, even if it is indirectly due to criticism of former President Obama, is what President Trump, his campaign and his friends will take advantage of. And in this case, the fact that he was Obama’s vice president and knew about some of these investigations gives them enough arsenal to associate Mr. Biden with these problems, ”said Norman Ornstein of the American Institute for Conservative Enterprise.

Conspiracy theory was further developed in connection with the ongoing debate over President Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn.

In a stunning shock last week, the Department of Justice demanded that Flynn be charged with lying to the FBI about his conversations with the Russian ambassador a few weeks before President Trump’s inauguration.

Following a private phone call in which former President Obama criticized the Trump administration’s decision regarding Mr. Flynn, President Trump said on Thursday in a Twitter message that President Obama should be forced to testify about the “scandal.”

Also this week, the head of US intelligence, appointed by President Trump Richard Grenell, has declassified and published the names of senior Obama administration officials involved in “exposing” or revealing Mr. Flynn’s identity while he was under government surveillance. Among these officials was Joe Biden, who outraged President Trump’s allies.

“If Vice President Biden and a close circle of Presidential Advisers listened to the private telephone conversation of the Trump administration adviser, this would be a serious abuse of power,” Republican Senator Rand Paul said.

Identification is a common practice in American intelligence, and Mr. Biden’s campaign rejected this claim, calling it an attempt to divert attention elsewhere. But President Trump’s campaign promotes the idea that Biden has abused his power.

“It doesn’t matter if something is true or not. If you can say that there is a conspiracy, and you can convince other people to agree with you, then you will become a very influential person because you have sued them. they are attacking their authority, ”said Jennifer Mercica of A & M University of Texas.

According to critics, with the rise in cases of coronavirus in the United States, President Trump’s emphasis on Obama is partly an attempt to divert public attention from the cure for the pandemic by his administration.

“Obamageit is very distracting from the greatest history of our time, which is not a good story for President Donald Trump,” said Norman Ornstein of the American Institute for Conservative Enterprise.

Earlier this week, White House spokeswoman Kaylee Makinani announced that Obama officials made Mr. Trump look like a Russian asset without any evidence.

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