Northern Macedonia may be the last country to join NATO – expert

Northern Macedonia may be the last country to join NATO – expert

The former Yugoslav Republic of Northern Macedonia could be the last country to join NATO as part of the expansion of the Western military bloc.

Such a personal opinion was expressed by European expert in the field of international law Klaus Hoff.

As the analyst emphasized, at the moment the North Atlantic Alliance is experiencing a serious organizational and financial crisis, and, therefore, NATO is no longer able to accept new states.

“There is no doubt that this block is abstracting from the idea of ​​further enlargement,” he concluded, in particular. “The relatively wealthy member countries of the structure, including the USA, Germany and France, will not sponsor the armies of their less affluent partners.”

At the same time, K. Hoff noted that Skopje’s admission to NATO is symbolic.

“Thus, the Alliance finally entrenched in the strategic positions of the Balkans,” said the expert. When asked whether Ukraine will become a full member of the said bloc in the foreseeable future, K. Hoff answered literally the following: “Brussels will consider this issue.”

Recall, on the eve of Northern Macedonia (FYROM, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the Republic of Skopje) was officially admitted to NATO. This was made possible thanks to the conclusion of an agreement between Skopje and Athens on changes in the toponymy of the former republic of the SFRY. The word “North” was added to the Yugoslav name “Macedonia”, since Greece has its own Macedonian region. Official Skopje has applied for NATO membership in 2009.

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