Ninja told why gamers need to be angry, but people did not appreciate his ideas

Ninja told why gamers need to be angry, but people did not appreciate his ideas

The popular streamer Ninja tweeted his opinion about the anger that many gamers feel during games, but did not receive solidarity. Netizens not only condemned the guy for his post, but also laughed at him. But the rapper Lil Nas X, after reading a tweet, recognized himself.

Streamer Tyler Blevins from Detroit, USA, better known as Ninja, on February 18 shared his thoughts on the emotions of people who fail in games on Twitter. The gamer specializes in Fortnite, his channel on the Mixer platform has nearly three million subscribers, and he really does not like to lose.

But people did not appreciate his approach.

One of the commentators told how Ninja could bring his life position.

Professional gamer Doublelift (in the world of Ylang Pen), whose specialization is League Of Legend, could not help joking about his favorite game. He remembered one of her modes, which is activated only at the location of the “Howling Abyss”, while gamers do not have the opportunity to choose their own fighter – everything is decided randomly. This mode is complicated, a little crazy and stressful, so the tweet about rage reminded Doublelift about it.

The British blogger and concurrently rapper KSI, whose YouTube channel has 21 million subscribers, also noticed a Ninja tweet and presented what the streamer will become in the future.

The streamer post caused such heated discussions that even rapper Lil Nas X noticed him. The musician seemed familiar with the emotions that Ninja described in his tweet.

Ninja wanted to teach gamers how to respond to failures, but a fail came out. However, he is not used to it. Recently, the streamer tried his hand at cooking, but even then failed. Blevins decided to just cut the bread, but even this business could not cope.

Then an almost 30-year-old streamer began to master TikTok and in one of his videos joked about gamers’ moms. Everything was okay with the joke, but people from it still got embarrassed (so much so that they even made a meme about Ninja).

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