New Short Horror “Shadowed” by “Anabel” Director Created in Quarantine

New Short Horror "Shadowed" by "Anabel" Director Created in Quarantine

Everyone has fun during quarantine as best he can. David Sandberg, the director of Annabelle, directed a three-minute Shadowed horror film and posted on YouTube. In the comments, he advised viewers to watch the film in complete darkness and with the sound twisted to maximum. For the filming, he did not have to break the regime of self-isolation, the main role in the film was played by his wife Lotta Losten.

Sandberg is a recognized master at creating short horror films. His short film Lights Out became so popular with fans of the genre that the film company New Line Cinema invited him to make a full-fledged film based on this plot. So the director made his debut in a feature film. With a budget of $ 5 million, the movie grossed more than $ 148 million at the box office.

After the success of the picture, rumors appeared that she would have a sequel. It is possible that the director’s busyness with DC film projects prevents these plans from coming true. Then the new short film can be considered as a warm-up before creating the next full-length ideal horror.

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