Neural Network “Reanimated” the Oldest Existing Video

Neural Network Reanimated the Oldest Existing Video

Blogger Denis Shiryaev, with the help of a neural network, “reanimated” the oldest video that has survived to our day – “The scene in the Roundhea Garden” of 1888. The neural network not only raised the resolution to 4K, but also added color to the picture.

“Roundhay Garden Scene” was shot in England in 1888 by Louis Le Prince on a camera with one lens, which he himself invented. In the video, you can see Mr. and Missy Wheatley (mother-in-law of Le Prince), his son Adolf and Mrs. Harriet Hartley. One of the main problems faced by the blogger was that the original record has a bitrate of 12 frames per second. In addition, only 20 frames have survived to this day, represented by the source as a single image. Denis Shiryaev downloaded a picture from the site of the Museum of Science of Great Britain.

First, the blogger cut the image into 20 separate frames and centered each image. After that, with the help of stabilization and a neural network, he tried to achieve the highest possible quality. AI also added more details to the faces of the main characters. After that, the flicker was manually eliminated by adjusting the brightness, and some frame damage was also fixed. This time, the strength of one neural network was not enough, so the blogger had to use several similar systems.

At the output, the neural network generated 250 frames instead of the original 20. They are scaled to 4K resolution. As a final touch, colors, several sounds were added and the video looped.

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