NASA teamed up with SpaceX to fulfill its ambitious mission

NASA teamed up with SpaceX to fulfill its ambitious mission

Despite the fact that the global situation with coronavirus is still not improving, on the contrary, quite a lot of different companies still don’t even think about stopping, suspending, or at least not remotely moving work. And to the number of similar organizations quite rightly can be attributed and NASA. The thing is that even despite the growing pandemic of the coronavirus throughout the world, the aforementioned organization still expects that it will be able to fulfill its goal on time, to which it has been going for many years. We are talking, of course, about the next sending people to the surface of the moon.

Nevertheless, the leadership of NASA is well aware that the coronavirus has already managed to put this organization in a far from the most convenient position. And not wanting to change their schedule and plans, NASA management decided to ask SpaceX for help. To be more specific, SpaceX was asked to “begin cargo flights to the moon in the near future.” Moreover, not wanting to change its plans, yesterday afternoon, NASA also concluded a full-fledged agreement, according to which SpaceX was instructed to begin sending goods along with materials to the space station, which NASA is planning to build directly in the orbit of the moon.

One way or another, the new partnership mentioned above is a peculiar extension of the NASA program called Artemis. And if you are not in the know, then this program is an initiative of the organization to land the first woman on the lunar surface, which should be implemented by 2024. It is also worth mentioning that within the framework of this program, NASA is also going to start the construction, as mentioned above, of a space station directly in orbit around the moon. It was there, as NASA conceived, that astronauts would be able to work and train in the long run before they “visit the lunar soil”.

And yes, here, just like in the case of the International Space Station, from time to time not only training, but also scientific experiments will be conducted. And based on everything described above, it immediately becomes clear that a lot of efforts will be spent on implementing this idea. But the current situation with the pandemic aggravates a rather difficult task. And that is why, in order for the plan to be successfully implemented, NASA asked SpaceX for help. And of course, this deal will bring benefits not only to NASA, which will be able to carry out its project on time, but also to SpaceX itself, because the respect and trust in this company will increase even more, which in turn will bring new contracts and investments to the organization.

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