NASA restores Hubble telescope

NASA restores Hubble telescope

NASA space agency today released a report stating that the problem with the operation of the primary and secondary gyroscopes at the Hubble flying observatory-satellite was resolved – around the beginning of this month, this problem was discovered when the satellite took pictures near the borders of the young galaxy DSF2237B -1, in which the process of forming planets is actively ongoing. Then NASA experts registered a malfunction in the main gyroscope and remotely turned to an additional one – however, he also began to show signs of not quite correct operation. Thus, the scientific research activity of the satellite was suspended.

Today, NASA experts noted that the problem with the additional gyroscope has been eliminated and that the first is also approaching normal performance. The changes occurred over the weekend, during which the special department for the diagnostics of the space center was engaged in the registration and catching of micro-faults in the Hubble module. The first sign of the success of the repair was the newly obtained images of a distant young galaxy that were shot with the Wide Field Camera 3 camera tool – it was he who was responsible for recording most of the interesting images.

It is worth noting that the repair process also did not go as smoothly as the experts had expected, since during the diagnostics it was discovered that an additional gyroscope was breaking the connection with the main one and the specialists had to look for an alternative way to shut down and re-enable the module.

However, in the future there were no problems – at the moment, the Hubble flying observatory-satellite continues its research mission, delighting us with new statistical and visual data. It is worth noting that NASA is not going to abandon further operation and support of the telescope, even though its “life span” has already exceeded 15 years – the future James Webb telescope will work with it shoulder to shoulder.

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