Named the release date of cheap iPhone

Named the release date of cheap iPhone

Apple blogger John Posser has announced the release date for the iPhone SE2. The smartphone will be released in April 2020, Posser writes on Twitter.

Posser said that on March 30, senior Apple executives held a private meeting to discuss the launch of a cheap iPhone that would succeed SE. According to him, the company plans to show a new smartphone on April 15 and begin shipping components to stores on April 22. By the end of the month, the devices will be on sale.

The blogger said that the aforementioned dates can be adjusted due to the situation with the coronavirus pandemic. Also, John Posser said that Apple will send iMac computers to its employees so that they can process customer orders remotely.

The new affordable Apple smartphone was supposed to replace the iPhone SE and other obsolete accessories in the company’s lineup. The smartphone will look like an iPhone 8, but it will get a new hardware: a 4.7-inch IPS screen, an A13 chip, three gigabytes of RAM, a single camera. The expected cost of the gadget is $ 400.

According to early rumors, Apple planned to release a budget smartphone on March 31 and sell the device in early April. In mid-March, it was reported that the company had canceled the presentation of the new SE series device because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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