Mission Impossible 7: release date, cast, plot, interesting facts

Mission Impossible 7: release date, cast, plot, interesting facts

If you are interested in when the new part of the film “Mission Impossible 7” will be released, then on this page we have collected information about this. It has long been no secret that the new part of the film “Mission Impossible” will be released on July 23, 2021.

The full cast is still unknown, but we can definitely say that it will not do without stars, in particular, they will be Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson ..


The producers of the film while keeping the plot of the new part in secret. We invite you to recall what happened in previous series.

Ethan Hunt is a unique person. This is a mixture of a fighter, a wrestler and just a strong guy. He is trained in martial arts and has a perfect body. The government spends a lot of money on this guy, is testing new technologies and techniques. And this is not surprising, because he is really the one who can solve absolutely any problem.

In previous episodes, our character saved a large number of people from death, uncovered a criminal group and eliminated a huge number of villains. He uses not only new technologies, but also his inner talent, logic and intuition. Hunt has risked his life more than once, but he knows what he is doing. All the time he develops, because his enemies also do not stand still.

What can you expect from the new movie? It’s not clear yet. It is only clear that this will be a new interesting story related to Ethan Hunt. Events will develop after the actions that were in the movie “Fallout”. The release date of the film on large screens is scheduled for July 23, 2021, a huge number of people are looking forward to this event.

Cast, roles.

The plot of the film is currently a huge secret. So far, only two actors are known who will definitely play the characters in this film.

  • Tom Cruise, he will continue to play the beloved Ethan Hunt. This role made the guy famous throughout the world. Without him, this film would have been different, because it was Tom who played the main character in all parts of this fascinating film.
  • Rebecca Ferguson will play the role of Ilse Fast. She was remembered for a long time by all viewers, since she had already appeared in the fifth part of the Avengers.

Interesting Facts.

  • The previous part of the film, namely, “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” brought about 600 million dollars to developers.
  • The film is based on the plot of the famous series, which was released back in 1960.
  • Tom Cruise did not want to star in the previous part and asked for a huge amount for his participation. The exact amount of the fee is unknown, but the studio agreed to His terms, because without it the film would have lost a huge number of its fans.
  • The seventh part of the film (like the two previous ones) will be directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

Release Date for Mission Impossible 7

All the plots of previous films were exciting and interesting. They brought a huge amount of money to their studios. There is no doubt that this part will not be the last, despite the fact that the film debuted more than 23 years ago. Soon, on all screens of the country, “Mission Impossible 7”, we look forward to July 23, 2021.

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