Macron criticized Russia’s mission in Italy

Macron criticized Russia’s mission in Italy

Macron criticized Putin because of unnecessary humanitarian aid for Italy.

As you know, Italy does not cope with the spread of coronavirus, people die without receiving help. The reasons can be sought for a long time, but the country needs help and local authorities have already met Chinese doctors, doctors from Cuba and from Russia. All specialists carry out their work and make recommendations, but Russian assistance was unnecessary and ineffective.

Italy has already managed to comment on the assistance sent from Russia, and also to report that a number of military personnel who arrived in Italy are already infected with a coronavirus. In the shipped cargo are things that are ineffective in the fight against coronavirus or are not needed at all.

This information was also confirmed by French President Emmanuel Macron. He criticized Russian humanitarian aid. He also said that Russia and China are competitors. This is stated on the pages of France 24.

Macron noted that in all the media in all countries they are discussing assistance in combating coronavirus from Russia and China, but few say that France and Germany also help Italy in difficult times. Tens of thousands of masks and protective suits were shipped from these countries. He stated that this is not enough, but this is only the beginning.

After this, Macron said that Europe is proud and strong and should remain so even in the context of the development of the coronavirus pandemic. The criticism regarding assistance for Italy has not yet been answered by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Despite all the scandals and rumors, Italy continues to fight the coronavirus, which takes hundreds of lives every day. However, there is positive news. There are many sick people in this country, but many who have recovered. People are discharged from hospitals or confirm the effectiveness of home treatment under the supervision of doctors.

American scientists said that the coronavirus will return. The second wave of infections may begin in the fall of 2020. They believe that in summer the infection will recede and people will be able to breathe and rest from the pandemic, but with the beginning of autumn the infection will come with a new force. Scientists predict that hundreds of thousands of people will be affected by the virus and history will repeat itself.

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