Kristin Baransky Learns to Work for a Large Corporation in the Trailer: The Good Fight (Video)

Kristin Baransky Learns to Work for a Large Corporation in the Trailer: The Good Fight (Video)

The first trailer of the fourth season of the series “The Good Fight” became available in March 2020. In the new season, Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) and her law firm partners Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart are adapting to their new corporate ruler – multinational firm STR Laurie – and at the same time face incredible changes in the legal system: wealthy and influential people use a mysterious document called “Leaflet 618” for non-compliance with court decisions.

In the new season, viewers will meet with both old heroes performed by Cush Jumbo, Odra McDonald, Sarah Steele, Delroy Lindo, Michael Boatman, Zach Grenier, and new ones performed by Hugh Dancy, Michael J. Fox, Raul Esparza, Rachel Dratch.

The first episode will premiere on April 9th.

The Good Fight Season 4 Trailer

A skilled angle, competent presentation of the material can still please even the most sophisticated viewer.

Excellent dramaturgy is supported by the excellent work of the acting team. Almost all performers work at a high professional level. And it is not only about the main actors who perfectly stand the test of numerous close-ups (Christine Baranski and Rose Leslie – deserve applause). Minor characters are quite a match for them. Scriptwriters should be given credit, they worked on very bright types. Some are almost on the brink of a grotesque – but without excess. So the sight turned out very worthy. The dynamics of the action is so energetic that you begin to detect individual (and inevitable in the series) bloopers only afterwards. For example, the story of how one of the leaders of the investment fund faces a twenty-year term and the second walks free (in his wife’s bed) is inspired by the plot of “Hamlet”. In practice, the FBI annoys everyone involved in creating too massive financial pyramids, since transactions of $ 80 million (so in the series) from the fund’s accounts to a personal account will not go unnoticed.

If you watched “The Good Wife”, then quickly guess that “The Good Fight” is its peculiar continuation only without the main character of the first film. And if the “progenitor” at the end slid into melodramatism, then “The Good Fight” will finally again have a tough legal component, working intrigues and political intricacies.

Very pleased with the presence of many interesting characters from the first series, these heroes are really interesting to watch. But most importantly – if you have never heard of “The Good Wife”, you can still safely start watching “… Fight” – it is still an independent product and, moreover, very interesting.

This series is for those who like unexpected plot twists and where you need to think with your head. And, of course, the viewer is delighted with all sorts of loopholes in American law and how cleverly the lawyers manipulate the law.

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