John Wick 4 release date: When can we expect the sequel to continue?

John Wick 4 release date: When can we expect the sequel to continue?

When will John Wick 4 be released

If you are interested in when the new part of the movie John Wick 4 is released, then on this page we have collected information about it. A series of films with the participation of handsome Keanu Reeves brings a large financial income, which can be said to guarantee the continuation of a series of films in the near future.

The first part of “John Wick 1” was released in 2014, the directors of the first part are Chad Stahelski and David Leitch.

The second part of “John Wick 2” was released in 2017, directed by Chad Stahelski.

“John Wick 3”, which is a sequel to Part 2 of the film, was released to the world in 2019, still directed by Chad Stahelski.

And finally, the whole world in anticipation of the release of the sequel to the third part of “John Wick 4”. Rumor has it that this masterpiece will be released in May 2021, although official information on this subject has not yet been reported.

John Wick plot

The plot of the film is pretty interesting. John Wick is an assassin who has retired after many years of work. John’s happiness was in family life, but his wife, Elena, passed away early, leaving the hero with a note and a puppy, which was to distract the hero from longing and brighten up his loneliness. John and the dog are very much used to each other, driving together in a rare car. The dog became part of the John family.

John Wick 4 release date

But once, gangsters, in order to rob John, killed a puppy.
As it turned out later, one of the gangsters is the son of the famous and powerful Mafia syndicate Viggo. The head of the criminal organization, knowing the story of John Wick, realizes that he will take revenge. Viggo orders the murder of John, trying to protect his son. But the assassins were waiting for failure.

In each subsequent part, in the hope of killing John, they appoint a bigger and bigger reward.
The role of John Wick was played by Keanu Reeves.
The role of Aurelio Martino was played by John Leguizamo.
In the role of John’s wife, Bridget Moynahan played.
Each of the series of these films brings great financial success, exceeding as much as 4 times the original budget of the picture.

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