Joan Rowling accused of intolerance for transgender people

Joan Rowling accused of intolerance for transgender people

The popular British writer Joan Rowling, who is best known for a series of books about the wizard Harry Potter, was accused of transphobia. Reports SNN.

On her Twitter page, the writer posted a message in which she defended a former employee of the London Center for Global Development, Maya Forsteter, who was fired for a number of statements, including about the inability of men to become women.

“Wear whatever you want. Call yourself what you like. Sleep with adults who agree. Live in peace and security. But to suspend a woman for saying that sex is the real thing? ”Rowling commented on the situation.

Campaign for Human Rights, an American organization supporting LGBT communities, criticized Rowling, and David Alfonso, the organization’s head, urged the writer to apologize and accused her of “promoting harmful fundamentalism.”

Earlier December 21, Joan Rowling was recognized as the highest paid writer of 2019. Her income was $ 92 million before taxes.

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