Is it possible to heat baby food in the microwave

Is it possible to heat baby food in the microwave

It is convenient to heat baby food in the microwave – it saves a lot of time. Just a couple of minutes, and the thing was done: milk, porridge or mashed potatoes are warm. But mothers are worried: does the food become harmful if it is heated in the microwave? So many conflicting rumors go about the influence of microwaves – which is true, but what is fiction?

Beneficial or harmful

Microwaves have settled in almost every kitchen, save their owners’ time, and ease kitchen chores. The operation of the microwave is based on exposure to electromagnetic waves. Microwaves are harmful to humans, so there is debate about the usefulness of food prepared with their help. Many scientists assure: the food from the microwave oven is completely safe, the stories about the remnants of radiation in it are a myth. Power is too small to somehow affect the body.

Users ask if vitamins are stored in the microwave. Yes, and there are more of them than in food prepared in the usual way. The reason is the short duration of the process. Dishes are prepared many times faster, less nutrients are destroyed. Another positive point is that you do not need to add oils and fats, so the food is dietary, almost like in a double boiler.

About breast milk

Nursing mothers are interested in whether it is possible to heat breast milk in the microwave. Definitely – no! Strained milk cannot be heated using microwave waves. They act on immunoglobulins and other living components, kill them or at least change the structure. You will get from the camera not full nutrition, but a low-grade liquid comparable to cow’s milk.

Heating mother’s milk in the microwave oven is strictly prohibited – it is heated only in warm water, in a water bath.

Heating mother’s milk in the microwave oven is strictly prohibited – it is heated only in warm water, in a water bath.

Is it possible to warm artificial mixtures

If you need to warm up artificial nutrition, it is better to use the old proven method – hot water. But you can still take advantage of the microwave oven: heat water in it, in which put milk or baby puree.

If in a cafe you need to warm up a bottle with a mixture, ask for a large cup of hot water. Put a bottle in it and heat the mixture.

What pediatricians and gastroenterologists say

Children’s doctors do not advise parents to heat the mixture or warm the milk in the microwave. In general, you should not cook food for kids in it – in no form, doctors insist. Disputes about the dangers of microwaves are underway, which means that you should not risk the health of the child. Manufacturers do not mention in the instructions for microwave ovens about the possibility of their use for baby food.

Gastroenterologists are categorical in terms of breast milk: to heat it with microwaves means to radically change the structure. Amino acids of L-proline are transformed into toxic d-isomers. These compounds: disrupt the functioning of the kidneys; harm the nervous system.

Which bottles are better

Mom’s baby mixes are poured into bottles made of glass or plastic. It is recommended to use glass – they are safer. As it turned out, the plastic container contains bisphenol-A. When the plastic heats up, phenol molecules are released and enter the contents. Studies conducted on animals showed: after regular consumption of food from heated plastic, health deteriorated. The impact on people has not been studied, but there is a risk – it is better to abandon plastic containers.

Do not boil polycarbonate dishes, put them in the microwave for heating, or even wash them in the dishwasher.

Take care of your baby, try to use the microwave oven only in extreme cases.

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